THRYV Age Gate

Our CBD and Delta-8 THC products are for use only by adults. These products are not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18 or 21 depending on the laws of your jurisdiction.


Our THRYV LYFE Ambassadors are people who are living their THRYV LYFE and ROCKIN' IT! These are people we've met on our journeys, who are absolutely sending it, fully committed, devoted to pursuing their passions no matter where that takes them. Whether it's climbing, skating, surfing, chess, dancing, running, skiing, biking, WHATEVER!

Our THRYV LYFE Ambassadors are people who are using THRYV to empower their own journeys towards a blossoming, THRYVin' LYFE! We want you to take inspiration from them to get stoked on life and pursue your dreams - while showing that THRYV LYFE products help support that mission by removing limitations and providing personal freedom.

Watch this space, because we've got some exciting Ambassador meetups happening soon - including an invitation-only surf trip to ride a tidal bore in Alaska next summer! See how we live our #THRYVLYFE!

Peter Beachy

My name is Peter Beachy and I own T A Surf Company. I’ve been using plant medicines for most of my life and over the last 4 years have added daily THRYV to my regimen. I was skeptical of all the CBD hype lately and was reluctant to try. But since I’ve added these products to my diet I can say that I sleep better, heal quicker, and maintain a better attitude on the daily. Surfing tidal waves in Alaska is what I do for work so it’s important to stay strong and healthy. THRYV HELPS ME DO THAT!! I’ve also seen how these products have helped my friends with sleep, pain, anxiety, and even addiction.

So stoked to link up with Gregory and be part of the THRYV family.


Images of Peter Beachy

Brooke Lyn Carter

I’m Brooke Lyn Carter from Palm Harbor, Florida and what makes me thrive the most is SURFING!

Surfing is my passion ever since I was 12 years old. I moved around the world and have taken international trips to keep this passion alive. I’ve lived in California, Australia, and Indonesia to choose waves. It’s what brings me the most joy and freedom. From exercise to mental health, surfing keeps me thriving and pushing my limits.

I currently live in Bali Indonesia, where the waves are world class and pristine. The waves are constant year round pumping and always keeping me STOKED.

It’s what lights my fire and keeps me on this radical wave called life.

Images of Brooke Lyn Carter