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Ascension Flow in Ego Land

Posted by Gregory Hatt on Oct 31st 2020

Ascension Flow in Ego Land

Inspired by a full moon vibe, permeating a desert night in Southern California, I write you. Urging you to hold compassion for yourself, to love yourself deeper and more completely than you've ever dared before. Welcome to your new life. Welcome to the moment of ascension.

As you vibrate we contemplate the symbols of our origin and the ethos of our times. As climes shift and dip or rise we face a sour compromise to continue political discourse. The zeitgeist is ripe for redemption as revelation is at hand.

The next origin story of humanity lies in the golden age of ascension. A new story is written and forged in the lava of ancient volcanoes. It has poured out in eruptions over the centuries. It has flowed to cover land masses and craft continents, carrying with it the codes of the golden age of humanity and beyond. It always is, and always was, and continues to be, as we become the fullest versions of ourselves.

Thank you for showing up in this time to be a part of this EPIC MOMENT in our evolution together. We're sharing in deep gratitude for our collective transformation. It's time to look deep at our shadows and acknowledge the powers we have to invigorate as awareness of who we really are as well as where we are not expressing the fullest versions of our highest selves.

I invite you to SHOW UP in your wholeness, most beautiful benevolent beings of the planet Earth. The old ways won't last, their time is over. We know what we mean by this for each of our lives. The shadow is showing up, in a big way. All is being revealed on the personal as well as the political levels. The agenda of ascension is simple.

Face yourself and rise, or face destruction.

Welcome to the new moment. This present is where a choice of grand importance lies for you. Remember the consequences of this choice as you move into the flow, deeply in the direction of your humble and graceful commitment. Thank you for stepping totally into that choice.

Whatever that is, it's all in perfect divine flow. This post is as much for you as it is for me, as it helps me to understand the divine situation we find ourselves within. It's also an aspect of oneness.

As we help each other we also take loving care of ourselves. There is literally NOTHING that we do to another beloved which we are not doing to ourselves. Everyone is a mirror for each other and we receive glimpses - or even full-blown visions - of who we are, through the channels of the eyes of our fellowship. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing in our divine dance and prance around, in celebration of our sovereignty.

We choose life in the face of destruction. We choose to be light in the darkness. We choose to be patient and kind with ourselves as our own closest and dearest lover. We rely on the strength of our ancestors to usher us into the starlight of the dark night. They are welcoming us home, into our new bodies of luminous ascended teacher light, love, and peace, as we reach into the Earth to pull forth the callings of our times, the callings to change the reactions of our programming to the response of our conscious choices in alignment, we with our highest good and highest joy.

Thank you for receiving these divine downloads, coming on the eve of this blue moon on the high vibrational energy of this portal of truth. The quickly shifting tides of time and space as we face the illumination of the veilless paradigm shift as we lift ourselves up, up, up into an experience of heaven on Earth. We are here to anchor in these energies as we lower our resistance to all emotions, feelings, and sensations observed in our bodies. The allowance of the flow of energy is the key for the transformation of our transcendental tipping point towards true nature.

What's our true nature? Well, don't you want to come with me to find out? I surely desire your presence in the new paradigm of heaven. Thank you for coming to be here, now, together, and thank you for your divine consideration of my representation of the feeling of my observation in my current experiential situation.

Bless it, bless it, bless it to the Highest Vibrational Potentiality of Your Possibility of Self Expression. It is done in BEAUTY. Thank you for listening to the guidance that brought you here. Allow for the flow to continue to change the way we remember who we are. Then we get to decide what we're going to do with this knowledge. What will we create when we remember our oneness? What world-shaking, system-shifting, novel coronavirus can catch like a California wildfire and spark as an ignition to fruition of our cognition? Basically, when the fuck are we ready to get out of our way and rise?

When faced with the paradigm-shifting destruction of our current reality, are we willing to let go and feel through all the unpleasantness and dis-Ease to release the trauma of our times and trample into Trumpland with an unreleased ego, ready for revolution, as ripeness has reached its peak? It is a revolution of the soul, the spirit we hear screaming in the streets in silence. Breaking Barriers between memories and a dream LYFE situation, between current contract and old obligation. Welcome to the new paradigm of ascension. Here we go...Flow.