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Intuitive Reflections

Posted by Gregory Hatt on Dec 8th 2020

Intuitive Reflections

Wow, life is such a beautiful journey. Lately I've been learning a lot of tough lessons. I am being challenged to discover deeper what it means to have intuition and use it. That's become clear to me through destroying my Subaru Forester in the desert of California and allowing someone to steal from me in San Jose.

Today I did an interesting meditation to integrate my feminine and masculine sides. It's been presented to me that my feminine side possesses intuition and my masculine side tends to disregard the guidance. I am determined to learn from my mistakes and learn to utilize the information that comes through to me in intuition to its fullest potential.

Following intuition can be hard for me, or at least it feels that way. I'm very stubborn in my masculine convictions. At times, my steadfastness can be an asset, but when intuition presents an alternative plan I'm often resistant. I'll blow it off and rationalize my decision. Using justification as means of putting myself at ease in the conversation with myself.

I've now suffered enough from the consequences of not altering my path at my intuitions warnings. I will work to embrace the intuition that comes to me and follow it fearlessly, regardless of how rational it seems to me. I've learned there's so much which I can't foresee or predict, there's a lot more to the story thankfully.

We all have a connection to all things. We are tapped into the entire universe and energy aka information can travel across space and time to deliver important messages to us. We have access through our bodies and spirit to infinite information. It's a far greater source of knowledge and wisdom than what our ego (mind) is capable of generating. I'm over ignoring and blowing past my intuition. Try out this mantra with me:

"I am committed to learning and growing. I am committed to using the information presented by my intuition to make the best decisions possible for myself and others."

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